Concept. Design. Reality.

(NEW Products coming Spring 2020)

The idea of DMI emanated from a dark corner of my mind one evening, and spun out of control after I put pen to paper. I've always been obsessed with ergonomics and strive to offer guitar designs with an interwoven theme of modern ergonomics and pleasing aesthetics. Pairing that with my formal training in luthiery and owning another guitar company since 2014, I knew I could offer something special. We build these instruments to push our own boundaries, and we hope that they do the same for you and your music. - Joe Balaguer


The Vega 6 string: an ergonomic double-cut fusing modern design elements with comfort.


The Anomaly 6 string: a unique tool for fusion, rock, metal, and beyond.


The Anomaly 7 string: versatility ranging from jazz baselines to hi-gain chord clarity.


The Anomaly 8 string: built for the player looking to explore something beyond the conventional.

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